Project 2023

Bbeabridge will show three short films dealing with Sweden’s and Spain’s historical bridges, through a trilogy of films about 1 Saint Bridget 2 The Franciscan influence on Swedish culture 3 The road to Santiago (which Saint Bridget walked in 1339).
We are looking for money to show the films in a suitable venue together with the German International Orchestra, I Sedici, which was founded in 1990 by Master Luigi Sagrestano. Headquartered in Meersburg Germany.
The aim is to attract young people to the Event to create more interest in history and through history and music create interest and bridges to future brotherhood and sisterhood.
The music builds bridges between imagination, logic and theory and sensual emotional experiences are harmonized into contemplation and reflection
Expected result; We wish to Stream the Event Live on various social platforms. We expect more people to find hope, interest in history, network and also be able to become members and take part in benefits for our members. Which can be seen on our websites. We expect to contribute to a positive element in Stockholmers’ everyday life.
We also wish that the Event is recorded and can be used to inspire Stockholmers and people in general through the diversity that the Event contributes to.

Gheorghe Marius Iancu / iancumarius2001@yahoo.com

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