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Finn Lyckoberg has been a board member of Bbeabridge since the first board meeting 2013. Finn is a Film director from Finland, he lives in Åland and is responsible for a lot of film material with Dagny Carlsson. As a altruistic Nature Lover Finn has been Creating Beautiful films.

Upper photo with Canadas ambassador in Finland Jeanette Stovel and general governor Mary Simon. Lower photo with Finlands president Sauli Niinistö and Canadas Gene Ho. The last pichure is from the short film An important meeting, where Dagny Carlsson has the main Roll. A film today sold to SVT (Sweidish film & Tv)

Daniel Lindh has come to play a big role in Bbeabridge board. He is not only the most humble person as well as a guide to Santiago Compostela since many years, He is also participating with filmings of history of Santiago. Daniel is Swedish but live in Galicien and thanks to him we have together build a bridge to brotherhood and sisterhood between Sweden and Spain. Our mail task is to help youth and swedes to easier get to walk “El Camino”.

Daniel has a long experience as a guide on “El Camino” 2022, Bbeabridge went up with Finn Lyckoberg and the Founder Hannika Oberg to lift the Swedish heroine from 13th Century. She went with her husband from Sweden to Santiago and back. She also went back again another time before she ended up in Italy where she ended her life. She is Swedish Saint.

Bbeabridge is founded by Hannika Oberg who had a vision to help Youth by lifting youth voice and build bridges between people, families, societies, contries. Using tools like Kulture and Event, creating books, films and music. Lifting Role models, such as Dagny Carlsson 105-109 years old and Thérese Neaimé. Today we have taken a step back to history to lift our heroine Saint Brigitta.

Hannika is an entrepreneur, teacher, coach and mentor. She is writing books, film scripts and work as an ED Tech and also as a language teacher. She has together with the team a Team of business minded members and also created coarses and activities for Bbeabridge members. RekoRetreat is a combination where members can enjoy tourism, fun, network in a nice area, away from home and at the samt time learn intresting things as well as practicing new activities.

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