Expansion 2023

Let´s grow International;

Let us build Bbeabridge Non Profitable Organisations over the globe. Why,, you might ask. To answer that question we will tell a little story…

Some time back in History there was a young man walking on the beach. He was throwing something in the water. It looked like he was throwing stones into the water. An old man was walking on the same beach. He got closer to the young man and saw that the young man was throwing back Seastars into the sea.

The old man -” What are you doing young man, can´t you see that the whole beach is full of stranded seastars, you can´t save them all!!!”

The young man -” It´s true what you say, the whole beach is full of seastars! But for the once I might save IT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!!”

Support the Youth!!!

From 2012 – 2021 Bbeabridge acted in Sweden, building bridges. Lifting Rolemodels, using Culture as tools, moving towards the Goal to form a Brother/Sisterhood around the World where focus is on the Young Generation and spreading Good Wibbs, solutions and oportunities to create HOPE and a Better World Togheter.

From 2022 Bbeabridge started up activities in Spain. Building bridges. Lifting Historical Rolemodels that connected Spain and Sweden. BB Back to Basic. Holy Brigitte and The Moncs from Fransisc Assis, the Temple orden and the Nuns Clara was back in Business. Summer 2022 Bbeabridge walk the path towards SANTIAGO with our Film Director Finn Lyckoberg and founder of Bbeabridge Hannika Oberg and initiated this movement towards creating brother/sisterhood.

2023 We will create three historical films that will create a bridge for fellow man. We will Create and support the opening up of international Bbeabridge around the Globe by like minded others.

Our Common Goal is the UNITE and CREATE HOPE for Future. Give Youth more posibilities to get support by being members in an international Organisation supporting Youth. To help supporting more people walking the Santiago Path and experience Spiritual traveling.

To be part of us we need to agree upon VALUES and Goal using the Keywords Be and Building bridges.

Do you want to take part and build a Non Profitable Organisation Bbeabridge in your country. We welcome you into our Community and let´s expand together. Together we can create better membersites where our members freely can connect with other members.

We can build artistic and entrepreneurial bridges between countries around the World. We can inspire and support by creating Event and sharing what is Good. As we said above. Tell us a good reason WHY NOT.. so time is short. Join us and let´s start Building

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