Dagny Carlsson Portfolio

2012  Bbeabridge founded in Muel Spain

2014  Bbeabridge Officially registered an ONG located in Stockholm Sweden.

2014, Three Event and collected money for poor people and children hospitals for Christmas

2015  Did Event, press here, and Christmas calender with Dagny Carlsson. Now ambassador

2016  Bbeabridge Created a Peace song with Dagny Carlssonpress here. Etc, christmas calender as usual.

2017  Created events with elderly people to build bridges as well as visiting schools, press here. Christmas calender as always

2018 Visiting Schools, elderly integration proyects, paited mandala for example here, and did christmas calender

2019 Bbeabridge & Dagny Carlsson recieved money from a Culture department and made a Music video with school children, created a film with children, using our peacesong press here 

2019/2020  Went to Finland to meet Finish ex president and ambassadors. Expose the documentary film about a friendship between Finn Lycoberg and Dagny Carlsson at the Library in Helsingfors. Christmas Calender as usual.

2020 Christmas Calender, using internet of Creativity.

2021 Created a Jerusalema movement. Press HERE. Truth is always the nr One. Christmas Calender with Bbeabridge and Dagny as always.

End of 2021 We Create a thank you for all Event, we can se that Dagny is Happy but more tired than usual.

24 Mars 2022 Dagny leaves us.

Bbeabridge dig up a Role model from the past, Holy Birgitta. Se the rest of the blog

Mot Santiago och skapa en bro mellan Sverige och Spanien genom den Historiska bron Tryck HÄR

Towards Santiago and Create a bridge between Sweden and Spain through the Historical Bridges between the two Press HERE

Hacia Santiago y crear un puente entre Suecia y Espana atravez de sacar la puente historico entre los dos paises haz Clich AQUI

Julkalender 2021 Bbeabridge & Dagny Carlsson

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